Xelon HQ changelog
Xelon HQ changelog

Good news for child tenants, storage extension updates, and more






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What's new:

  • Child organizations now have a clear breadcrumbs-like naming
  • Networks now can be used on all child tenants
  • Removed redundant parameters for the device list API response (See API changelog)
  • Public cloud storage now has new limits for first and second disks 2048GB and 6000GB respectively

What's improved:

  • Fixed minor ranged input parameters for min and max digits
  • Database creation wizard now has the option to generate a password and has a port input field
  • Feature request modal window became a bit fancier
  • Fixed network price calculation algorithm
  • Safari now displays My Organization activity log correctly
  • Fixed minor invoice and usage report display bugs
  • Firewall rules now will be deleted after removing the assigned device

Shared networks for subtenants, multiple finance emails, and docs updates






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What's new

  • Shared networks now can be shared with child organisations 🎉
  • Organizations now can have multiple finance emails! Go to Manage My Organization > Contacts block > Edit to check it out
  • The financeemail parameter now looks like financeemail: "[\"address1@xelon.ch\",\"address2@xelon.ch\"]"
  • We're on our way to deliver Stretched networks very soon 🧑‍🍳

What's improved

  • Fixed visibility of WAN networks when creating a Load Balancer within the Shared Networks pool
  • Fixed blank page occurrence for Windows device creation
  • Fixed a 500 error that popped up when opening a list of devices (in some environments)
  • Improved PDF reports download
  • Fixed validation emails for creating an organization
  • Fixed persistent storage creation errors
  • Added a user guide prompt for custom Firewall setup 📚
  • Adjusted our Organization fields endpoint description
  • Knowledge Base now has a few more use cases for API usage

A few polishings and improvements



  • We tuned up the Billing feature and gave the DNS Zones module a thorough clean.

  • Firewall deletion is now running even more smoothly.

  • We gave our alert messages a talking-to, and they have agreed to be more clear and useful.

  • From now on, deleting the device won't leave a lone Firewall hanging out in our database. The same goes for Cluster-based Load Balancers.

  • We have tinkered with the older OS (including CentOS 7 and Ubuntu 18) provisioning scripts, and now they work much better.

Kubernetes 2.0 with Cloud-Init






You can now create a Kubernetes cluster using a Cloud-Init instance! We are extending the functionality by the hour, so don't forget to check it out!

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What's new:

  • Autoscaling support
  • User and permission management

What's coming up next:

  • Monitoring and alerts
  • Quick install from docker package

Billing and Reports improvements




From now on, you can now pay your invoices right within the platform! We polished the Reports' appearance, added more in-depth data and improved the report generation speed.

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Firewall improvements




Within this update, we improved validation, tooltips, and added more flexibility to values.

Take a look at our fresh Firewall service

Product changelog




Stay in the loop of our product updates: click on a megaphone icon to explore the latest product updates!

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Payment security improvement




Introducing 3-D Secure integration with the Xelon HQ Platform!. 3-D Secure is a protocol designed to be an additional security layer for online credit and debit card transactions.

Make safer payments, get fraud protection, and add more banks.

Introducing Firewall IPsec Rule





IPsec is a protocol suite that allows you to secure the network connection and data by encrypting the IP traffic. Often named as IPsec VPN, this functionality adds encryption and authentication for one or multiple connections.

Learn more

Remember page length




Page length is now remembered over all instance list pages