Xelon HQ changelog
Xelon HQ changelog

Shared networks for subtenants, multiple finance emails, and docs updates






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What's new

  • Shared networks now can be shared with child organisations 🎉
  • Organizations now can have multiple finance emails! Go to Manage My Organization > Contacts block > Edit to check it out
  • The financeemail parameter now looks like financeemail: "[\"address1@xelon.ch\",\"address2@xelon.ch\"]"
  • We're on our way to deliver Stretched networks very soon 🧑‍🍳

What's improved

  • Fixed visibility of WAN networks when creating a Load Balancer within the Shared Networks pool
  • Fixed blank page occurrence for Windows device creation
  • Fixed a 500 error that popped up when opening a list of devices (in some environments)
  • Improved PDF reports download
  • Fixed validation emails for creating an organization
  • Fixed persistent storage creation errors
  • Added a user guide prompt for custom Firewall setup 📚
  • Adjusted our Organization fields endpoint description
  • Knowledge Base now has a few more use cases for API usage